What is GrozWorks?

Software Development Consulting

Founded 2003

GrozWorks is built on a foundation of Business and Information Technology consulting services. We offer services in strategic application of technology, custom software development, system integration, and web development.

No technology stands on its own, but rather stands as a tool for a person or business to use to achieve its goals. We don't just focus on technological details, but rather seek to understand the people and processes that technology can impact.

We are proud to offer various consulting and advice on business and business development activities, as well as determining the ability to use technology strategically in your business.

We are members of the Scrum Alliance and embrace Agile Methodologies to leverage the Scrum Framework for software development and other business activities.

Technology Unleashed

discover what technology can do

We are able to offer custom developed software, assistance with commercial "off-the-shelf" products, and many other technology services based on your business's needs. We also offer staffing and resource augmentation for your IT support staff, including helping you to find and hire the right people that fit with your organization.

Please contact us if you need assistance or have an idea that you'd like to discuss.

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